"I don’t forgive people because I’m weak, I forgive them because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes.”

Q: Who am I communicating with when I contact you? Is verification mandatory?
A: Until we have the pleasure of meeting face to face, you will be communicating with my assistant, Sandi. Sandi is probably thee most sought after assistant in this industry. I ask that you be very polite when addressing Sandi - she is, in fact, the "gate-keeper" and more importantly, someone I revere and respect. Verification; which is for my safety, well-being and peace of mind, is not negotiable and also done through Sandi.

Q: Why do you work with an assistant?
A: Being a companion isn’t my only endeavor. Although it absolutely is a big part of my life, I live a very fruitful life where I invest in real estate, run multiple businesses, work out 4 hours a day and enjoy my loving friendships in Sacramento, CA. I’ve found that having a supportive assistant provides support for the behind-the-velvet-curtain administration of this business which maximizes my time to get ready to meet you as well as pursue other business ventures.

Q: How can I expect you to be dressed?
A: Fashion and couture are obsessions in my life and I thrive on curating the perfect outfit for each rendezvous... From top to bottom.. and of course, underneath. 😉 I study and follow trends out of the fashion meccas and take pride in always looking my best. I can assure you that you will always have a stylish, well-dressed woman on your arm during your time with me.

Q: What are your physical stats?
A: I am 28, stand at a very fit 5'10 and weigh roughly 125 - 130. My dress size is a 2 (XS) and my shoe size is 38 in Euro sizes/8 in American. I have green eyes but frequently indulge in contacts to spice up my look. I have no and tattoos or piercings except for my ears.

Q: Are you rates negotiable?
A: They are absolutely not negotiable.

Q: How do I know that you’re real and legitimate?
A: My exceptional reputation as a companion can be easily and repeatedly confirmed. I’m currently San Francisco’s number one companion on TER as well as maintaining other outstanding reviews on other boards like Private Delights. You can also follow real life adventures on Twitter for updates, current photos and a sense for my personality. My Twitter handle is: @TheKatherineExp

Q: Is there anything I can do to enhance our time together?
A: Simply be a gentleman with impeccable hygiene and good manners. If you’re inclined to go above and beyond, my wishlisht will offer you direction in ways to spoil me a little more if you so choose. 🙂