"Some of the best moments in your life are those you can't tell anyone about"

Welcome - My name is Katherine Taylor.

I'm known to be outgoing, ambitious and super energetic. I have 6 years behind me in this industry; so that's 6 years of being ranked one of the best providers in the world - both in appearance and demeanor.

In fact, I'm rated #1 on almost every review site including TER (just look up TER San Francisco)!

I also hold numerous non-industry related accolades such as first place in beauty pageants, an advanced diploma, own multiple businesses and am a published centerfold!

Fitness and well-being play extremely large roles in my life. I absolutely love working out and am continually striving to be the best version of myself. I find self growth is a never ending beautiful journey. Travel is also a love of mine. I love the ocean and truly believe a swim in the sea can help wash any of life’s stresses away.

While I am a woman of many passions, nothing brings me more joy than fine dining. The entire experience of an evening spent fine dining, from meticulously crafting the perfect outfit for you, down to the smallest of details to ambience to the explosion of the senses - I love it all. I’m happily collecting Michelin stars, one city at a time!

If your mind is piqued, I invite you to wander further...

In my opinion, one amazing experience is worth a thousand average ones! So come see what all the fuss is about... 😉

Email my wonderful assistant Sandi for more information at:

Screenings and deposits are a must and please book as far in advance as possible so I can plan the perfect date!

Get a sense of my personality on Twitter! Twitter handle: @TheKatherineExp